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Preparing For The 2022 Storm Season

The 2022 storm season is officially underway and there’s no time like the present to ensure that your business is prepared to withstand the storm this season. 

Oftentimes, it can be tempting to believe that your business will not be impacted by natural disasters, but there’s no guarantee. 

In 2021, there were 21 named storms with winds of 39 miles per hour or greater, including 7 hurricanes with winds 74 miles per hour or greater and of those, four were major hurricanes with winds of 111 miles per hour or greater. 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this was the third most active year on record in terms of named storms and the sixth consecutive above-normal Atlantic hurricane season. 

After a brutal 2021 hurricane season, it seems that 2022 may have another brutal storm season in store for us. Experts predict that the 2022 hurricane season’s activity will be above average with major hurricanes making landfall (Source: Forbes). 

Before the first hurricanes of 2022 strike, now is the time to prepare. Here are four steps to take in order to prepare your business for the 2022 hurricane season. 

  1. Call Sasser Restoration

Sasser Restoration is one of the nation’s leading disaster response teams and has helped bring buildings back to life after some of the nation’s most catastrophic hurricanes. 

Whether you’re looking to create an emergency preparedness plan or need help bringing your building back to life after a hurricane strikes, Sasser is ready to respond. 

  1. Secure The Building 

Securing and protecting your building will help to minimize any damage that the hurricane can cause. A few things you can do include: inspecting the roof, boarding up the windows, placing sandbags against areas that are subject to flooding, anchoring any large furniture or valuables, relocating valuables, and turning off utilities. 

  1. Protect Important Documents

You never know what a hurricane will bring, so it’s best to be prepared for all scenarios. Before a hurricane makes landfall, ensure that valuable documents are accounted for and protected from any potential water damage. 

By designating someone to be in charge of the important documents, backing up important files on the computer, and sealing documents in a waterproof location, you can help minimize operational downtime when a hurricane makes landfall. 

  1. Be Prepared

Before the disaster strikes, make a list of preparedness essentials and ensure that everyone on your team knows where and how to access them. This list should include things like flashlights, a three-day supply of water, a tool kit, a first aid kit, blankets, non-perishable food items, battery-operated tv and/or radio and a whistle/signal flare to signal for help.